Introductory – Primary Ballet

The first steps in your ballet training. We offer ballet classes at a number of levels for very young students.

We start with Introductory, moving onto Pre-Primary & Pre-Primary exam and then eventually children from the age of 6 can start to
formally learn the basic technique in the Primary class.

Introductory – Primary Ballet

2.8 - 4.3yrs

Introductory ballet class for children who are rising 3 years to 4 years old.

The classes will develop children’s physical skills and encourage expression, creativity and musicality. They also help to prepare children for the Pre-Primary and Primary ballet syllabus.

Pre-Primary Ballet and Pre-Primary Ballet Exam

4 - 6yrs

Our Pre-Primary and Pre-Primary Exam classes build on the skills learnt in Introductory ballet. These structured classes continue to develop their skills using a wide range of movements, musical styles & props. 

Students will start with training exercises needed for the Pre-Primary syllabus.The students will work together towards their Pre-Primary class award.

Primary Ballet


Primary ballet is for students from 6 years. As with Pre-Primary ballet, the class further develops their skills using more advanced movements. The Primary syllabus prepares students to move into the graded ballet classes.