Modern & Contemporary Dance

Non Syllabus Modern


Our Non-Syllabus dance classes are fun, dynamic and energetic. They span many styles of modern dance: lyrical, jazz, blues, commercial and musical theatre. 

Whilst not following an exam syllabus these classes will still train solid technique and will challenge students of all abilities.

Dancing to chart hits or jazz classics these classes are perfect for fitness, confidence and enjoyment.

Syllabus Modern


Our Syllabus classes follow the ISTD Modern Dance curriculum. It is an energetic dance style with theatrical qualities as seen in musical productions. 

The Syllabus combines musical theatre, jazz and lyrical dance. In class we work on strength and flexibility as well as performance skills and musicality. 

We offer the opportunity to take exams at the teachers’ discretion.

Contemporary Dance

10 - 15yrs

We offer a mixed ability Contemporary class. It’s technical similarities are often perceived as being closely related to Modern Dance and Ballet developed during the mid-twentieth century. Contemporary Dance classes are creative, challenging and promote the versatility and individuality of each student.

There will be a mix of technical exercises incorporating traditional techniques such as those by Graham and Cunningham including creative work such as choreography and contact/partner work. A variety of genres of music can be used in this ever evolving dance style.