Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Fees are payable termly and in full within 7 days of receiving the invoice, unless you have already made arrangements to pay in instalments. Late payment fees will be charged if fees are not paid on time.

Fees are non-refundable in cases of illness, accident or holidays which do not coincide with Dulwich Ballet School holidays.

We require a half-term’s notice by email or in writing if your child wishes to stop classes the following term. This also applies if they take more than one class and wish to drop a class the following term. If notice is not received, a term’s fee is payable.

Information we hold about you and your son or daughter

Your privacy is important to us and we hold some personal information about you and your child when they enroll for  lessons. The following information is held by us and our booking system(class4kids) in order to carry out our business

  • Student’s name and date of birth
  • Parents’/Carers’ name
  • Home address
  • Home phone number
  • Parents’/Carers’ mobile numbers
  • Emergency contact number
  • Parents’/Carers’ email addresses
  • Allergies, health issues, medical issues

We are obliged to keep this information correct and up-to-date and we will ask you to check and confirm this information once a year. We also request that you inform us of any changes during the year.

Other information about your son or daughter that we hold and is related to our work are:

  • Registration numbers for students registered with the RAD or ISTD
  • Previous exam results
  • Other information relating to their dance classes such as date of starting current level
  • You are entitled to request and view this information, but we will not require you to check it regularly.

Our main method of communication is email. We use your email address to contact you in areas related to our business:

  •  Termly invoices
  • General information about the term, including the newsletter
  • Information about exams when applicable, including extra practices and classes
  • Reminders, including fee payment dates, term dates, open classes
  • Information about dance school productions
  • Other information about external dance-related events such as workshops, auditions and performances
  • We may occasionally contact you via phone or text message.
Photographs and filming

Teachers may occasionally need to video or film classes to help with choreography. This is a legitimate interest of our business, is only used to help teaching and is not shared outside the ballet school or on any social media. Video may be shared within the class if students are aged 13 or above and give consent.  If you do not wish your child to be filmed, you can inform us.   We do not allow other filming or recording of classes by parents or children. We may occasionally take photographs of students with parents’ permission.

Our dance school productions are filmed by a professional external company and a DVD is available to purchase by parents. By agreeing to take part in one of our productions, you are agreeing for your child to be filmed. We may also have professional photographs taken during our dance school productions. We will notify parents in advance of any photographs being taken and you can choose not to have photographs taken of your child.

Our promises to you

We will not share any of your or your child’s personal information with any third party outside the ballet school. The exceptions to this are using your son’s/daughter’s name and date of birth to register them with the RAD or ISTD for the purpose of registration and exam entry.

We will not share email addresses or telephone numbers with teachers or other parents without your permission.

Our teachers are self-employed and do not have access to the information we hold on you or your child, unless you directly provide them with it. The exception is any information which is required for them to safely teach your child such as any allergies, medical or health issues which you have told us.

If you leave the ballet school and stop having lessons with us, we will delete all personal information relating to you and your child within six months. The exceptions to this are their RAD and ISTD registration numbers, as they remain registered to Dulwich Ballet School unless they are re-registered elsewhere with a different school.

You are entitled to request to look at and check any personal information we hold about you or your child.  You may request this via email, and we will respond to such a request within 14 days of receiving and acknowledging this request.

Your consent

By continuing to have classes with us, you consent to us storing and using this personal information which you have already provided to us.  You also consent to us contacting you via email as described above.