Vocational Ballet

Pre-Vocational ballet

10 - 13yrs

Invitation only class. A non-syllabus class specifically designed for students who are may be suited to the study of the Vocational grades. The class will develop their technique and strength as preparation for the Intermediate Foundation class. This class is taken alongside their usual ballet grade class.

Intermediate Foundation Ballet and Intermediate Ballet

12 - 16yrs

Invitation only classes. Intermediate Foundation is an optional exam and is good preparation for the Intermediate Vocational grade exam. 

The Vocational Graded syllabus develops students’ technique and performance skills. Pointe work is examined for female students. 

The syllabus has been designed to give the necessary training to students wishing to study seriously with a possible view to following a career in dance. The syllabus can also be studied by students who do not wish to pursue a dance-related career.

Advanced Foundation Ballet and Advanced 1 & 2 Ballet

15 - 18yrs

Invitation only classes. Advanced Foundation Ballet follows on from Intermediate Ballet in the RAD Vocational Graded Syllabus. It is an optional exam to prepare students for Advanced 1 Ballet exam. 
These classes are designed for students with a strong technique to develop their repertoire to include Fouettes, Batterie and Grand Jete en Tournant.
Students must have passed Intermediate Ballet to progress into Advanced Foundation and Advanced 1.
Students wishing to study Advanced 2 Ballet please seek advice from the Principal.